How the ACLU prepared for Trump

How The ACLU Is Leading The Resistance:

“More than six months before the media and much of the American public was blindsided by the election results, the ACLU was preparing for a Trump presidency…Romero directed his staff to begin compiling detailed reports on what, exactly, a Clinton and Trump presidency would mean for civil liberties and constitutional rights…Building a detailed report on Trump was much more daunting—and unpopular. Romero concedes that some of the staff, already burdened with the pressure to wrap up pending litigation against the Obama administration, likely viewed it as ‘Anthony’s vanity project.’ But he pushed forward. ‘Everyone was talking about Clinton, Clinton, Clinton. We had a Clinton plan and we were thinking about the transition, but we had to have a Trump plan because if he was to be elected, the challenges would have been too great to just [address] on the fly,’ Romero explains when I meet him at his offices in early March…The ACLU published “The Trump Memos” on July 13, 2016. (Since Clinton didn’t pose nearly as serious of a constitutional threat, the ACLU didn’t publish its memo on her until October.) The 27-page document took all of candidate Trump’s campaign rhetoric on six big issues…literally and seriously, drawing out his often vague or incoherent statements to their possible policy positions. Then it built a clear defense against each… Today, the document reads like a detailed playbook for Trump’s first 100 days, and likely beyond.”